How To Wash Harem Pants ( Quick & Easy Way! )

Harem pants are extremely comfortable and fun to wear. The free-flowing design makes them a great fit for all activities.

 Since their appeal comes from being super comfortable, hence manufacturers like us over at Thai harem have to ensure the softness of these pants. We do so by making them out of top-notch materials like 100% cotton. The supreme softness comes at a price, albeit it’s a very small price to pay for the comfortability you’re going to get. You need to pay a little more attention to the washing process of these pants, more specifically you need to learn how to wash harem pants. 

Now we know that may seem like a tedious process but trust us it’s a super easy process. We’ll teach you how to wash your harem pants and we’ll also guide you through each and every step. So just follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll be golden.


What materials do you need?

So the first step in washing harem pants is assembling the material you’re going to need. Which are; a tub or a large bucket, a detergent, and of course water.

1) Filling the bucket:

Harem pants cold wash

First, fill the bucket with lukewarm or cold water. Always try to wash your harem pants with cold water otherwise, warm water can cause a multitude of problems like shrinking and the discoloration of clothes.

It should be noted that not all clothes are affected by warm water the same way as cotton is, so if you have some other type of clothes that you want to wash then you can use warm water in some cases. To find out more about the exact effects warm water can have, you can read its pros and cons.

2) Addition of the detergent:

Bohemian pants wash

In this next step you have to immerse the harem pants in the water, once they are fully drenched add the detergent. You can use both liquids or powder, however liquid detergents are preferred since they are cheaper to use and also help in maintaining the colors of your pants.

And obviously this does depend on what type of detergent you use. So you should wash your harem pants with detergent.

3) Gentle rubbing:

gently washing them


So now that your harem pants are fully drenched in the soapy water, you’re going to want to swirl them around and leave them in there for a few short minutes, this gives the detergent enough time and surface area to do its job.

4) Washing in clean water:

After about five to ten minutes take them out and place them in a bucket with clean water, since the airy design of these pants makes them a little bit more delicate than other types of pants you Shouldn’t wring them out, just a few presses against the tub will do you just fine.

5) Drying:

How to dry pants fast

Once this is done and you can then move on the next and final step. Now your harem pants are clean and you have to dry them out, you can easily do this by placing them in the shade or directly underneath a fan. This will quickly dry them out.

In a few short hours, your harem pants will be as good as new. We’ll now you know how to wash your harem pants, hope this guide helps.


Q1) Can you wash the elephant pants in the washing machine?

No, you cant. Since they are usually made from a very fragile material like cotton, it’s best that you hand wash them. Also using a washing machine can result in the fading away of colors very rapidly.

Q2) Do I have to dry the harem pants in the shade?

Well while you can dry them in the sun it isn’t recommended because it can result in the degradation of the material which reduces the longevity of the Thai harem pants.

Q3) How can I speed up the harem pants washing process?

Well, the entire process isn’t really that long, but it is longer than the washing machine. So to speed up the process there is basically only one step in which you can make a difference. And that is the final drying process, instead of just simply drying it in the shade you can also dry them directly underneath a fan, this will surely speed up the process.

Q4) How to avoid shrinking of harem pants?

Be sure to wash your harem pants with cold water, this reduces the probability of the shrinking of harem pants:

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