Creating Harem Pants Patterns At Home (The Simplest DIY of 2020)

Why not create your own Harem Pants Pattern at home as your own DIY project?

For those of you who are fans of sewing and working with your hands, we have some awesome tips on how to construct the best Harem pants patterns at home.

  Are you wondering how to wash or take care of your harem pants? then we at thai harem pants have a few excellent tips for you! 

 Consider this a super easy, simplified harem pants DIY tutorial for all you beginners out there.

Why you need to be working on creating your own harem pants pattern!

Harem pants have become super popular over the years, one of the many reasons for this is that they can look good on just about anybody, no matter the body type of shape. Harem pants can flatter just about any body type and keeps you comfortable while doing so! 

These paints are usually elastic at the waist or have a cloth or a kind of chord like the thing to keep them in place. You can use a number of varying cloths to sew them, these involve simple cotton, satin and even silk if you’re feeling like it! In the east, harem pants are often sewn using a number of different fabrics, heavy or light.

But as a beginner, we recommend using light fabrics for making your harem pants! The details of those, however, are given below!

The method we’ve created for you has mainly been designed to create harem pants which aren’t as baggy from the bottom as some are, this harem pant will have an elastic waist and will be fitter across the waist. Some harem pants are a free size too but this one will require you to take a few measurements. Don’t be confused!

 Our article will help you sew your own harem pants at home! The process is super simple and easy, if you follow the steps correctly you’ll be making amazing Aladdin pants with a swish of your hands, like magic!

 Ways to draft a Harem pants pattern

  • Lossesness around the crotch line creates different types of harem pants the first method is able to make Aladdin pants which are very loose.
  • The method of sewing this type of harem pants is also called a drop crotch style. This is the classic full harem pants pattern. These instructions can also be used to make balloon pants pattern. 

Things to keep in mind when making harem pants for the first time

  • Keep lots of cloth with you: Keep extra cloth near you in case your first attempt goes awry and you feel like you need to make another one. Harem pants are super easy to make however, DIY projects, especially those of teh sewing kind don’t always turn out perfect on the first try! Don’t be discouraged try again!
  • Don’t stray from the pattern we’ve presented: Follow the steps closely to get the best results!

How much fabric is needed to create harem pants?

The fabric you will need for your DIY Harem pants has to preferably be elastic.

You will need the full length for the waistband and the ankle belt and 2.5 inches waistband for elastic casing add 6 inches if you want overhang. However, it should at least make it up to 3 inches this is for additional fullness hem elastic casing will use up to 1.5 inches of the fabric.

For the back pattern, you will need 1 inch. 

Remember to double this measurement and that is the amount of fabric you will need to make harem pants

Harem Pants Pattern: Creating authentic Aladdin pants 

This pattern can also make men’s harem pants patterns as well.  

This harem pants sewing pattern works better with a more stretchy fabric but if the stretchy fabric is not available and your working with non-stretch materials like cotton or polyester make sure the ankle belt is stretchy.

In the harem pants DIY below we are using cotton for the pants and stretchable material for the ankle belt this fabric in the ankle belt helps you getting your feet inside easily. 

First, you have to pin the fabric into two layers and keep it in the fold the cuttings should be done according to the diagram by using the diagram to make the patterns.

The yoke piece on the waist is cut as one piece but if you have insufficient fabric cut the fabric into two pieces and then join them.

Keep the ankle piece in a fold which gives it thickness we will tell you how to make Aladdin pants in the following steps. 

Still don’t think this DIY harem pants pattern is for you?

If you’re a beginner who’s just learning how to sew, this project can look a bit daunting. For that purpose, we’ve listed out an amazing video to help you sew the harem pants of your dreams!


How to make harem pants?

Follow these instructions step by step to Aladdin genie pants pattern!


Join the inside leg part of the fabric of each pant this will give you to leg pant pieces. This harem pants pattern is very easy to make and gives you extremely comfortable genie pants.


Now sew together the leg pant pieces you just cut at the crotch lines.


To get a tube shape to join the waist yoke edges of each pant together. Now stitch along the edges of both the sides on the wrong side under the edges.


To create space for the elastic waistband fold an inch and half inside the edges of the waist yoke leave at least 1 inch for the waistband.


Give two rows of stitching along the edge to gather the leg piece gather the thread tail and remember to fit the legs to the edge of the yoke waist


Join the edges of the right side of the waist yoke and leg piece. Your DIY harem pants are almost ready. 


Stitch together the raw edges of the ankle piece to make the ankle piece. Make a 3-inch ankle belt by folding 6 inches 


Join the edges of the ankle belt and the leg piece by stitching the right sides together carefully join the edges. 


Reduce the length of your waist by 1 inch then increase 1 and ½  of the seem length. Using a pin insert the elastic sew the opening.


How to create different cuffs and hems for Harem Pants

Harem pants are immensely popular because of their truly different and interesting patterns. However, a harem pants pattern is seldom complete without showing you exactly how to make the right cuffs and the right hems for your harem pants.

How to create a cuff opening?

You can make about a three-inch-long placket opening can be converted into a hem. You have to create a one-inch long button and snap hat closes on both sides.

How to create a frilly band at the hem?

You can create frills or ruffles by using about 2 inches above the hem and then inserting an elastic through the casing you’ve created.

Tips for tieing harem pants:

You can always use a long cotton cord to tie your harem pants down as well.


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